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We’ve had the benefit of decades of frontline experience. And so our contribution is helping developers and owners deftly and successfully navigate the ever-shifting sands of the development landscape.
Successful developers and investors intuitively get it. Why would you entertain another model? The dimensional connectivity of complex development models illustrates the essential need for a point source entity. Catalyst is this entity.
There are fewer pure developers – so many were casualties of the recession. Now, investors, asset managers and owners and even builders, buoyed by a strong economy and general shortage of housing, are looking for ways to develop their way out of once troubled projects. Here, Catalyst’s experience in rehydrating the entire development can be a considerable asset. This can entail rethinking amenity sets, optimizing both built infrastructure and land still to be programmed. Here again is a place where fresh branding and sales strategies can put some distance between the past and current offerings.

The maturation of design/build – once an anomaly at higher price points, the role of formal architectural involvement at higher price points has given way to sophisticated, turnkey programs that can speed a program and reduce cost through value engineering. A sales team that understands the nuances of this new paradigm can make meaningful contributions in educating prospects who are new to this model.

Few parties are ever satisfied with the price achieved and pace of absorption. Especially for projects in the early stages or the middle of a life cycle, finger pointing can be inevitable. Is it marketing (lead quantity and quality) or sales (ability to close) that is the weak link? Because Catalyst completely integrates these functions, which are continually cross-feeding information, strategy and tactics are always absolutely connected to results and ROI.

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