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The Integrated Model

& Why it Matters

First, because you’ve got to be on the same page. To bring a prospect from Point A (considering a new home) to Point B (closing on a home in your development), you must provide a path free of obstacles. One of the biggest potential obstacles for a buyer can be lack of confidence that the purchase will meet their expectations.

Digging Deep

Experienced developers have come to appreciate the myriad of advantages to an integrated marketing and sales effort. It’s all about concepts and brands with a singular vision and feedback loops that continually realign to market conditions. Catalyst delivers on every front.

So your message has to be clear, consistent, and reinforced across both marketing and sales. The promises made in your ads, social media, website, collateral and other marketing vehicles have to match seamlessly with what comes out of your salespersons’ mouths. The right hand has to know what the left is doing, and vice versa.

Why Else it Matters

Which leads to the second reason marketing and sales work best when integrated: each one has information that helps the other improve. Our marketing staff and sales staff are in constant communication about what message is being put out, what information prospects want, which tactics are delivering the highest-quality leads, what questions and concerns come up on sales tours, etc. This sharing of information empowers us to constantly optimize our efforts.
In other words, it’s all about communication. Integrating marketing and sales programs enables the kind of clear messaging across the board that is necessary to convert prospects to owners. And it makes both programs smarter and stronger for continually increasing success.

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