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Commitment & Capabilities

Services at a Glance

Catalyst possesses a very keen and accurate self-awareness. The view of the company’s personality from the inside and the outside matches up practically line-by-line with its essential services. This means the brand personality Catalyst projects is aligned with how it delivers.
Catalyst is able to keep these commitments because we have experience across dozens of communities; a successful and enviable track record to draw on; our staff is cross-trained in both sales and marketing; we have the right professionals in the right positions; and we are comprehensive in terms of scope, resources, and services.

Comprehensive Services. Capable Experts.

Master Plan & Project Consulting
Master Plan & Project Consulting
Branding, Marketing & Demand Generation
Branding, Marketing & Demand Generation
Sales Management
Sales Management
Capital & Financing
Capital & Financing
Data-Driven Market Research
Data-Driven Market Research

Catalyst's comprehensive planning mitigates risk.

  • Land planning consultation
  • Inventory release and pricing strategies
  • Sales and marketing goals
  • Amenity package development
  • Customer profiling
  • Project positioning
  • Detailed business planning
  • Budgeting and critical path
  • Product design consultation
  • Vertical product or homesite phasing
  • Builder program definition & development 
  • Sales process recommendations
  • Staffing requirements

Ground up envisioning and development, polishing a jewel or re-imaging a troubled brand, our bold initiatives not only differentiate, they move the needle.

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Vendor management
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Brand identit​y and consistency
  • Creative development
  • Photography and videography
  • Collateral and materials design
  • Print, outdoor and interactive advertising
  • Conventional & technology driven marketing including social media lead generation
  • Conversion goals for leads, tours and sales
  • Data collection, lead source tracking, analysis and reporting
  • Buyer demographics, psychographics and geographics
  • Website design and electronic communications
  • Mail list research and acquisition
  • Messaging and copy writing
  • Sales office design and outfitting
  • Public relations
  • Media planning including all viable social media platforms

Sales Management and Sales execution are where the rubber meets the road.

  • On-site, project-dedicated sales management
  • Intensive, consistent sales training
  • Ongoing training in the use of social media to maximize lead generation & sales agent visibility
  • Area, community and product-specific training
  • Prospecting
  • Networking
  • Outbound call campaigns
  • Off-site presentations
  • Tour scheduling and development
  • Brokerage services
  • Real estate broker networking and partnerships
  • Executive support staff recruitment

Engaged in developing supporting estimates, forecast and documentation related to project funding.

  • Assist with financial modeling
  • Project Underwriting
  • Capitalization of project through equity or debt
  • Procurment of builder financials for models, specs or upgrade centers
  • Founder Programs
  • Procurement of Homesite and Shelter loan programs for purchasers
  • Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Access to private equity financing

Iidentifying your customer and understanding everything about the marketplace ensures success.

  • Absorption​ studies
  • Regional sales analysis
  • Pricing trends and forecasting
  • Distressed asset analysis​ ​
  • ​Owner and prospect ​surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Competi​tive matrices
  • Google analytics​
  • Social media tracking

Catalyst's Administrative Oversight Ensures Efficient, Effective Operation.

  • Staff recruiting, training and management
  • Reception and front office management
  • Collateral fulfillment
  • Office setup
  • Staff scheduling
  • Collateral inventory control
  • Business licensing
  • Office policies and training manuals
  • Human resources
  • Database management
  • General sales staff support
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Contract and closing coordination
  • Association documentation or the amendment thereof 
Our customers have described us as dependable, ethical, hard-working, innovative, creative, seasoned, confident and results-oriented. We couldn’t agree more. That is why as a company we are committed to:
  • Increasing the velocity of sales through our depth of experience, sophisticated marketing execution and skilled sales teams
  • Maximizing profits by planning thoughtfully, spending efficiently and raising property values
  • Remaining committed to the long-term success of our communities
  • Offering objective, educated input backed by proven experience
  • Developing a better product that fully satisfies end users
  • Avoiding costly and inconvenient mistakes
  • Providing clear advice and action plans
  • Being experts on the ground

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