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Is On Your Side

The death of the salesman has been greatly exaggerated. In real estate, even in the digital age, we still live in a society of choice and persuasion. Personal selling remains at the sharp end of the marketing spectrum. It is here where questions are answered, objections met, where uncertainty and anxiety are calmed. Either you sell the customer on yes, or they sell you on no. This is where “what if” turns to “let’s get started.”

Todays Prospects

Today’s prospect arrives, as never before, informed about the brand and offering. They arrive armed by traditional and digital media, by the press, by websites, reputation and referrals. Far from order takers, today’s salesperson must instantly assess and adapt to the preconditioned mindset. And in countless ways, each encounter is different in the digital age.

Why Us?

Catalyst sales teams are highly trained and richly experienced professionals. Their craft and art is to receive, engage and connect the interested prospect to the opportunities that best match their ambitions.

They are very good at what they do.

All this noted, Catalyst recognizes the fundamental essentials in project sales and we are diligent and disciplined in their execution. We are hyper focused, efficient and at once both optimists and realists.

Catalyst teams are ...

with family values, instinctively do the right thing
great work ethic, resilient
Open to New Things
relish the challenge, flexible, receptive to learning
Well Trained and Managed
constant training and personal development
dependable, committed, loyal
fun, happy, positive, social
like a fast-paced environment
care about your needs and goals

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