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Sales & Marketing

The Harmonic Integration

Our experience shows that an integrated approach to sales and marketing consistently delivers optimum results. A purposeful connection between the foundational pillars of marketing as they transition to sales fortifies strategy on many levels.

Perfect Harmony

Oftentimes we find developments that are struggling because these departments are both fractured and working independently in silos. When communication and collaboration are hindered between these two critical elements, the common result is an “us and them” mentality. Isn’t it only logical to integrally join and manage these functions together? We believe it is imperative that brand, messaging, timing, budgets and all programs and staff associated with sales are in harmony.
All who contribute to sales and marketing tasks exist for a single objective – closed real estate transactions. The integrated approach protects the integrity of the brand and the process at every level from lead generation to a first greeting to the closing table – and everything and everyone in between.

Our Approach

Catalyst’s marketing strategies are based on analytics and research, but just as importantly, from input from the front lines. Continual interaction, conversation and input from the staff of the sales office who actually meet, talk and interact with prospects and customers is crucial. All sales and marketing team members are part of the planning, understand the plan and are continually updated with accomplishments, shortfalls and real-time adjustment to the plan.

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